Meeting venue and hotel information

       Conference Venue: Second floor, Buiding No.1, Shanghai Science Hall, 47 Nanchang Road



       Hotel Name: Jin Jiang Tower Hotel

       Address: 161 Changle Road, Shanghai, China

       Distance from Conference Venue: about 0.7 km



       Below is the address of the hotel in Chinese. You could print it and show to the local taxi driver, which could be very useful to get to the hotel.




       Jin Jiang Tower Hotel (5-star) is the primary conference hotel and is located in the former French concession, close to the Huai Hai Road Central Business District, Xin Tian Di and People’s Square. For your convenience, LOC have hotel discount and reserve three different types of room at Jin Jiang Tower hotel for the current registrants, including Superior Room, Deluxe Panoramic Room and Executive Panoramic Room. To guarantee more available rooms for attendees at our conference hotel, please log in registration system and make your selection before November 10.


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       Please note that you will make payments to the hotel after your arrival at Jin Jiang Tower Hotel. DO NOT prepay online since online price is higher than the discount price that LOC provide.


       Popular Property Highlights

   ü   Free WiFi

   ü   Non-Smoking Room

   ü   Breakfast Included

   ü   Business Centre

   ü   Laundry Facilities


       Here are the hotel rooms with discount price at Jin Jiang Tower hotel.

       Please log in registration system and make your selection before November 10.


Type 1. Superior Room (高级房)

Macintosh HD:Users:Fanny:Downloads:20090k000000bjm0b5D2A_R_550_412.jpg Macintosh HD:Users:Fanny:Downloads:66790787c2b44b92acf2fd2c7bdfd6c6_R_550_412.jpg

         Bed    Double bed: 1.8m or Two Beds: 1.1m

   Room size    30 m2

Price per night    CNY 600 (USD 90)


Type 2. Deluxe Panoramic Room (新豪华景观房)

Macintosh HD:Users:Fanny:Downloads:200b050000000dub7640A_R_550_412.jpg Macintosh HD:Users:Fanny:Downloads:200i0k000000b404r486D_R_550_412.jpg

         Bed    Double bed: 1.8m or Two Beds: 1.1m

   Room size    30 - 35 m2

Price per night    CNY 650 (USD 99)


Type 3. Executive Panoramic Room (维拉行政景观房)

Macintosh HD:Users:Fanny:Downloads:200w0g0000007rrrlC5EE_R_550_412.jpg Macintosh HD:Users:Fanny:Downloads:CggYGVYDo4qAYbqfAAIlam-TP6U059_R_550_412.jpg

         Bed    Double bed: 1.8m or Two Beds: 1.1m

   Room size    60 m2

Price per night    CNY 1050 (USD 159)


       For those who need room sharing or need a hotel reservation for applying visa, please contact us at


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       Besides Jin Jiang Tower Hotel, there are plenty of options for hotels within walking distance of the conference venue. However, only Jin Jiang Tower Hotel has offered a discount. If you have other options rather than choosing Jin Jiang Tower Hotel, please book a hotel room online directly.


       Here are some other options for accommodations:

       1. Okura Garden Hotel Shanghai (5-star)

       2. Jinchen Hotel (3-star)

       3. Mason Hotel (3-star)

       4. Home Inn Plus